"KR Four-Zero, Providing Fire Support" - Locust units are hit hard by COG forces.


Compare: http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/1474

Not exactly brimming with originality, but I need practice. Probably inspired by the game itself and Joazzz’s stuff in general.
Also, besides the giant structure in the background with the sniper in, this is mostly a scenebuild.


I can’t find anything wrong with it, nice.

A symphony of wonderful destruction, great job. Lovin’ the colours!

There’s a few things I could nitpick on, here and there. But it’s nothing big, so I won’t.

Damn Urban I missed your shots!


I know everything ubernator is awesome

Sexy stuff there.

Traces D:

Diesel. Uh oh…

Pretty damn good, but I can’t help but notice everyone with a gun has a muzzleflash… They are all firing at the exact same moment? I realize they got machine guns, but cmon… Everyone? Nobody is reloading or something like that?

Yeah, I can’t do particularly good tracers, so I opt for over the top ones. Besides I quite like them.

Well, not everyone…the drone climbing out of the hole isn’t firing and the guy’s getting shot aren’t firing either. :stuck_out_tongue:
So I should make the combat look more varied, people reloading and shizzle. Hmmm, k, I’ll work on that. ^^

Gracias for the comments boys and gals.

Needs more L4D D:

Still, perfect stuff as usuall! I like how you always pay attention to details, like the Locust crawling out of that hole.

All in good time dude. I gotta vary things a little.
But thanks! :smiley:

Words cannot explain how hard on enducingly jealous I am of not only your edit ability but for having those Locust models…
Sir, have many a pallet

After just playing GoW 2 I am amazed at how much better this looks compared to the actual game.

Whats with you and L4D? Everything that you post has to do with L4D somehow.

That’s some very cool stuff. I really like the lighting.

Combine only really likes zombie games. For him, everything and anything must have zombehs. I sometimes find it can get a little same-ish after awhile.

Thanks you sirs.

Shit, I forgot to complement you on your picture. Tracers, they are both amazing and everywhere.