Kratos model?

Can someone make a Kratos from God of War 3 model, with his godly armor from the second game as a skin for him, with the Blades of Exile on his back as part of a skin for him, with the actual blades in the folder. Yes, I KNOW there is a Heavy Weapons guy Kratos and citizen Kratos, but I want the ACTUAL Kratos. :smile:

You DO realize that it’s almost impossible to rip anything from PS3 games, right? I doubt this will be done soon.

Really difficult to port from ps3…im a big fan from god of war but it’s a pain in the ass to port from ps3

I don’t necessarily mean rip. Is is possible to CREATE your own models, or is that not possible?

It is possible, but I assume that is even HARDER, specially character with detailed characters such as Kratos.

Wasn’t God Of War on PS2 aswell?

He is but I think he wants the one from III because its “detailed” more :stuck_out_tongue: which by everyones answer…Ps3 Impossible

It’s possible to create your own model of him, but it also means there’s going to be a lot of time spent on it, and that not necessarily all models that are wanted to be made from scratch are going to be made for free.

Yes. I honestly couldn’t care which version. As long as it IS a version.

I was always curious, if someone took the files from a pirated ISO for the games (the kind that caused that big piracy on PS3 epidemic) and ripped from them would it work? Or store download games?

I have a Kratos (I think it is not the original)

This models is not mine!

luxox_18, do you happen to know the author of the model, in case anyone decides to publish it (assuming that someone rigged it, ported and all that jazz).

Anyway, that model looks good enough. I’m still learning how to even use 3D modelling programs, but if no one has done this after a long time, I might give it a try.

Edit: Wait, the files have a “.mx” extension. Does that mean they can only be opened on a certain program?

.max format = 3ds max (2010-2011)

i support this we need some of the characters and creatures from God of War games would be good

A friend of mine ripped Kratos from God Of War (The PS2 One) I think I can find the model but it is not rigged…

The best chance you’d have is to rip kratos from Mortal Kombat.

Lol he is PS3 exclusive

If only PS3 could be ported from easily.

I’ve always kinda wished HAZE soldiers would be in gmod

Hmm. Was thinking of this. You could port Kratos from Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny or whatever that PSP Soul Calibur game is. I know he guest stars in it.