Krauser epic look at Snake.

Who will win? :allears:

Improve your graphics
It ruins the picture

Learn how to use sentences.

Learn how to spell “sentences”.

What ever.

I dont want to waste much time for commenting on 1 picture.
I am able to speak english, not perfect ,but still better than you.
Sentenses= Big Fail at English

Spelling mistakes are different from grama. You’re clearly poor at grama; you put a comma in the wrong place and you use small sentences which shows your lazy.

What’s grama?

I would give you a link to wiki for it but I have to admit I’ve spelt it wrong…

My graphic card sucks, i will change the anti-aliasing configuration :slight_smile:

I might edit this pic if you take a pic with AA on, it got some potencial :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice posing on the hands, but the torso is kinda weird.