Krav Maga

Holy shit, that looks awesome. Although the rain splashes seem kinda big and spread.

What is wrong with the american’s right hand? the finger posing looks strange. I love the rain and splashes

Edit: This is my new desktop background and it looks awesome as it :smiley:

So much awesomeness in one pic!
Ilwrath is right about the splashes tho.

But everything else is fucking epic.

It looks like he’s climbing into the strong arms of that fine gentlemen over there.

I have sharp elbows too.

I dont like the rain much.
Posing is nice tho

Well I like all of it

Look good friend :smiley:

And what does “Krav Maga” mean?

it means “ass kick” in jew


Awesome job as always Uber’

That’s it. I am sacrificing 100 bulls in honor of Uberslug’s posing and editing skills. Have wood.

I’m training at a Krav Maga school. It’s Hebrew for “Contact Combat”. You basically learn to kick someone’s ass so hard that you get away before they can kill you. Israeli forces style.

fantastic editing and posing! I dont really see anything to criticize.

maybe now you can protect yourself from obama’s snakebite roffle :slight_smile:

The thin solid striper of rain going different directions just seem a little wierd, they’d look better if they weren’t so solid and straight

This is incredible. The lighting and the detail make this look more like Crysis, than anything Gmod.

How does he do it?

Damn nice!
Motion blur and rain are perfect