kRequest - simple request module

Here it is - kRequest request module! Without this module players have to find ICQ/steam/jabber of admin just to tell that the server needs some addon, but with this module player can just fill simple form!
Yes, I know that there is ARequest addon, but it has limited functionality and download link is broken. This addon stores all data in your SQL database, so it won’t spam a lot of files on your hard drive.

Usage is really simple: there is 1 command, ‘!request’. This command opens a menu. Menu is really simple, player can see admin and history tabs only if he is admin.

Players can leave requests even if there aren’t any admins on server - when admin joins, he can read requests and leave answers.

Download link (SVN):

This is beta, so there can be ANY bugs. Report them here.


You DO NOT have to setup any SQL databases, this addon uses SQL database that is provided with gmod (gm_sqlite binary module)!

I don’t get why you store this to the servers database. I would guess 90 percent of servers don’t have a database and 99 percent of players would not want to learn how to use a database properly and get on just for this addon. Also what is wrong with uploading it to I don’t get why people have to get so fussy over people not knowing how to use svn, there are some people out there who don’t know. And personally I would prefer downloading an addon from instead of svn and getting filled up with those stupid .svn folders.

One thing is I don’t understand this that much. Do players have to select one of the listed requests, or can that make their own? And either way when you show the request menu, why is there already an answer? I would think if a request already has an answer it would be in the history section.

Also instead of a bunch of chat commands you should make just 1 and have a menu with tabs labeled Request, History, and Admin(or something else like Requesting Answer).

Uploading an svn dump means that at one point the download will be outdated. People will obviously download the non-svn version and complain about bugs that are already fixed in the svn.

So… I think that ALL servers have SQLite module as it is default gmod module. You do not need to know any SQL commands to use this addon.

Any good admin knows how to use SVN, it is so easy! And if I want to release other version, I should upload new one, delete or change old one. With SVN everything is easier for me and other users. Instead of deleting old version, installing new they can just click ‘SVN update’.

Player can view history of his own requests and make a new one with custom subject and text.

Idea about tabs is nice, maybe I will add them in next release.

Thanks for the release, I’m sure I could pretty up that GUI :slight_smile:

Nice work.

(P.S: @ find me, I do agree with you to an extent. 99% of servers don’t have a database, nor the admins / users who manage them want to learn. Even though it takes 5min to set one up… :confused: )

All licensed servers have SQLite module…
Even you clien have it…

Only non-steam pirate version not have this module…

For those of you who say ‘server has no SQL database’: ALL servers have SQL database. Binary module ‘gm_sqlite’ is distributed with gmod, and both client and server have it. You even do not need to setup anything. Everything is already done by Garry.

Changed GUI as find me suggested. Maybe it looks not as the best derma menus, but it is better than old 3 menus.

Nice Aimbot not active! :3

It is not included in this kRequest SVN :smiley:
Lua coding for clientside is second thing I’m doing after writing Stranded and serverside addons.

So I put it on my server, !request is doing nothing.

Is there anything special that I need to do, - other than putting this into addons?

It causes no server console - errors, nor client.

Restart server, allow downloading files from server on client, reconenct. Check that addon is correctly installed. Also, does “name: !request” apperar in chat?

It is correctly installed, no fault by clients.

It does appear in the chat.


I did some work removing addons I felt I didn’t need, on the server.

Works now.

But good addon. :3.

Great work, man.

Also, helloes from Chizuru-chan.

If they pirated it, it would be a complete copy of Garry’s Mod, it would include all modules that the normal Garry’s Mod does…

Every single installation of Garry’s Mod has the SQLite module. You know those player ranks in sandbox? That’s done with SQLite. So is the persistant data stuff:

A cool addition that you could add would be something to tell the user whether or not their request was accepted, next time they joined.

You’re saying the sand-box ratings, like the ! one, are done with SQLite?

How do I even edit - those.

to Kill coDer

I talk about Unpacked Garry’s Mod from GCF Files.

Some stupid ppl make a listen server, and have VERY MANY BUGS.

There’s a table called sandbox_ratings or something like that. It can be edited with normal SQL.

How do I go about doing that?