Krieg der Maschinen + ME3 Bonus

Just a couple of quickies, the first one is photoshop the second is ingame. I also noticed a few mistakes on the first screenie, oh well. C&C as always

please downsize em to a more manageable size
you can include the original big ones in thumb tags

Sorry for the size man. I will do in future.

The first one is great.

First one is awesome, bonus is good too, I’m just kinda sick of Mass Effect by now

the first one is fucking boss

Same here its just Mass Effect poses are just piss easy to do, just have them stand around looking like there on the cover of a boyband cd and hey presto.

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The idea came to me looking at the german title for Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, it was gonna be a stitch screenie but I thought its gonna be 1600 by whatever already so i was like fuck that noise. I took the stitch screens as well, waste of time that was.

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Cheers mate

Some cool stuff right here!

I got some more cool shit waiting for me to edit when i get from work, more N.T’s(Nazi-Terminators)