KriON Perp

KriON Perp is a server, With custom cars, donator all that shizzle, but what you dont know is how much fun you can be having on it, i mean really, give it a try sometime, but for now read what its got,
Fastdl, so you dont die from waiting
custom cars, ive mentioned
donator status, like always
nice staff, i bet youve heard that before, but this is true, just dont screw around with the rules
(Sometimes)nice players, no need to explain.
And alot more!

(sorry was supposed to flash)
Join now, or ill get you…
Join here(australlian server):


Didn’t you read the topic that said no stolen/leaked gamemodes?

Sombody should close this…

Um, I lol’d at this advertisement.

You sell super admin.

If it isn’t closed yet perhaps they don’t count PERP as a leak no more? Since like a lot of RP servers uses it. Don’t know.