KrzGamers new server|PvP|AntiCheat|Survival|NoGriefing|Sleepers| Arena|No Play Admins|No Admin Abuse|10 Airdrops

Hello there. We’d like to bring you a brand new Rust server.
We were unhappy with most servers being laggy and full of cheaters.
So we made our own server to try and create the best Rust experience for players.
Server address:
net.connect (Low-Ping, 50 slots) May be increased in the future!
Steam Name = ElGrandelon

The server includes the following:
Frequent Airdrops
Door Sharing allowed!
Sleepers Enabled!
Sleeping Bags Disabled (To avoid glitching into other people’s homes)
1/2 Craft Enabled
Destroy Ability
Various Anti-Cheats (get them hackers)
PVP/PVE System Zones - We will make a safe zone and rest is all out PVP.
N4 PVP Protection - New players can come and enjoy w/o being camped.(limited time)
All Log - We keep logs on whole server.
For newbies we have a nice starter kit which includes:
(- Stone Hatchet - Bow - Arrows - Food-)

Starter Kit

N4 Death Match Arena
/dm join - Join to DeathMatch Room
/dm leave - Leave of DeathMatch Room
/dm rank - Show top 10 Ranking
/dm reward - Show reward list
/dm reward Prize - Claim a reward from list
/dm score - Show your Score (work from v0.4)

Destroy Mode Let your players destroy their buildings !
Type /destroy to enable Destroy Mode.
Retype /destroy to toggle it off.

/sleepoverhelp and /sleepover

Boost your fps, or reduce it with quality, with Cooldown
/fps - FPS
/graph - Quality

See list of admins online
Type /admins

(Set up crafting timescale based on day/night. Vote to skip night.Vote to Skip Night)
full crafting timescale for day, and instacraft at night.
/getTime - returns time of day
/day - casts vote to skip night
/night - casts vote to not skip night

Block and Ban all server adverting.
C4DamageModifier (Supports Grenades!)

Automatic Airdrop
Display the time left in minutes before the next airdrop

Allows u to receive rewards for voting for server!

Clan System
/chelp to display the list of commands
/ccreate - create clan
/cdelete - delete clan


  1. No cheating/script kiddy injections, we will find you and you will be dealt with
  2. No bitching, this is an alpha game with numerous bugs. You are helping test it, do not get mad when something does not work as it should.
  3. Do not spam/advertise in-game chat.
  4. This is a PvE and PvP server, so be prepared to defend yourself and your house.
  5. Smoke weed, drink a beer, snort a line - or whatever it is you like to do - and have a good ass time here.
  6. Don’t ask for admin privs - if you are interested, you must be a server regular.
  7. Again, have fun and play here so we don’t have to take this down for the public!

BUMP anyone join up …

Ok server updated looking for members to join up