Kudos to the Level of Developer Interaction with the Alpha Community

The stalwart Facepunch defenders league is absolutely right: This is an Alpha, there will be issues. Fortunately, we have a terrfic developer-tester dynamic here and on the official Steam forums. Chronic developer updates on works in progress, coupled with individual responses to player concerns and developer addressing of major issues publicly helps to let everyone know that they aren’t wasting their time “testing” a not-in-any-way broken product while Garry and company “breathe” after an apparently strenuous 3 week Christmas vacation (not nearly long enough to spend 250,000*20=5 million dollars, I know).

We are thankful for this fact, and for the great forum moderators here on the Facepunch official Rust forums. The way they swoop down on new posters with the ban stick every time someone posts something potentially maybe objectionable to some anal retentive 14-year old “gold member” rather than politely noting the infraction and suggesting they do x, y, or z next time (as is common everywhere else) really reinforces my confidence in the long term prospects of this product I’ve invested in.

Now, I know some of you are thinking, “but wait, what about the rampant hacking going on that is reduced this game to an unplayable mess; nobody has even acknowledged it exists, even as the official server list becomes cluttered with the hackers servers themselves… doesn’t this undermine your argument vis a vis great communication”. My response: It’s an Alpha, noob! God, some people shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce.