Kuma War - SWAT/Police Ragdolls.

Hey can anyone link me to the Kuma War SWAT or Police Ragdolls? I need them to make a wall paper.

wallpaper for computer or for wall

mmmhhnnngg! :smiley: But seriously i can’t get the Models my self. Kuma War is fucked up.

you don’t want them lol

Yes i do. I can’t download the Kuma War MOBSTERS maps which are for the Ragdolls i need. (WANT)
It gives me an error right away saying Invalid .lsx

No you don’t mate, kuma’s stuff doesn’t look great you could probably find better swat models around here some where.

There’s the Kane and Lynch SWAT, AlexVestin’s MW2 operators have some SWAT models. There’s about a thousand out there better than Kuma’s