Kuno's Car Pack Delorean Redux

Hello, Facepunch.
I am Bishop.
I come to your forums seeking a rectification of a travesty. As of late I have taken to singleplayer sessions rewiring the little known Garrysmod.org download ‘BTTF Delorean replica MK. III’. I have begun to notice small imperfections in the legendary car model that Kuno crafted(or ported, I don’t care). The model, apparently, only allows for signs of war (by this I simply mean bullet holes) on only a minor area along the width of the gull-wing doors. The tires are completely wrong, and of general poor quality (here’s a lackluster proof of concept. Take a gander at those tires. Terrible, and they seem to change colors when in motion. http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=showimg&v=95383_3) What I am looking for here is a better model, in essence. The tires perfected, bullet dents and such visible on the model… trivial things. Below are your reference materials.

A tire screenshot:

A second tire screenshot:

Kuno’s Vehicle Pack (I believe), included is the delorean.

if you require anymore information besides what is posted, please let me know. As a sidenote, I’ve tried messaging Kuno himself on garrysmod.org seeking authorization for this but to no avail. If any of you are willing to seek him out and acquire his say-so on this or know/have his facepunch account, inform me.

y did u remove it

Yeah, there’s definitely some… imperfections with the model. It looks like the wheels “change color” because they’ve got a hackjob of a texturing job and are actually animated on an imperfect axis… like someone tried to animate them with axes that were angled. One of the wheel’s animations also improperly loops. I support the action of a redo, but right now it seems that I cannot help much. I need to learn how to texture and animate myself, and it seems that my schedule likes to conflict with those offering assistance.

I have this reskin that I made a long time ago. It gives it a better stainless steel effect on the texture, and It has a new wheel texture with a fixed bumpmap.



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Holy shit, this thread is from 2010! Why am I posting in here.

Amazing work there. You really know what you’re doing. As for the necroposting, well, I suppose we can thank wendling for bringing the thread out from Davy Jones’s locker.

This is EXACTLY what I wanted.
have you uploaded this anywhere?
could you perhaps do so?

Just let it replace the default skin, it should work just fine.

Hahaha, and it only took two years.

I said literally the exact same thing.

dude, nice but i clicked on the garrysmod.org link and it said file not found. it looks really cool though :frowning:

Send them a PM next time, dude. This thread has been dead for several months.