Kurit's First Gmod Video

I’m not sure if you guys seen this already or not. It was my first Gmod video and I made it for a report in college. If you have not seen it, I want you to enjoy it. I posted it for your constructive mature reviews.


There is no video in the thread.

quoted for evidence

There it is.

Using something else than the fraps trial would probably be better because theres a fraps watermark at the top.

This is an old video, I have Camtasia now. Besides, I don’t film with Gmod anymore.

Yet you are still here. Video was average.

Not bad. You have the skill, you just need the proper tools (meaning don’t use windows movie editor for captions)

Hey Mend, why did you tell me you’re Fumples?


Okay, thanks.

Why would you post this?

Oh I don’t know Faolco, why do you post your videos?

Because they’re new. I don’t post my old videos.

And who said that they’re me?

Doesn’t matter if they’re new or not, you guys haven’t seen it and I wanted to show you it. Mendel said he was you.

the gazebo has been angered, please evacuate

Not sure what you just said.

No I mean like, why would you post an old video? We can’t really review it because it’s old and you’ve obviously slightly increased in skill. What do you want us to say?

Good point, Faolco. I guess I just wanted you to see it.