Kuromeku servers

Why is it only me that seems to think Kuromeku could make worse gamemodes? Anybody else agree they’re the worst gamemodes possibly EVER? I’ve given their server 2 chances, both made me rage like a fucking gorilla in the end.

Attempt Number 1
The first time I tried joining a Kuromeku server I was pretty excited. It took about 20 minutes to download and 3 attempts to connect with my internet, I get up to 2.5mb/ps on this Verizon Fios plan, and yet it takes me in the very LEAST 2 attempts to connect to any server on gmod.

Well it took a long time to connect, I lagged out the first time, rejoined again and had a hard time stumbling around trying to figure out what to do. The first thing that I had happen to me was I sprinted across the plaza to the 45th apartments (Map was Rp_c18). A guard saw me apparently, knocked me out and waited till I woke up. I asked him “why did you do that” and he killed me.

They had OOC enabled at the time (Pfft like there’s any roleplay going on anyway) with a 60 second message delay. SIXTY. So you had to wait 60 seconds every message you sent over OOC. I asked why I was just killed for asking why I was knocked unconscious for my unknown crime. They told me to check the rules and forum guides which required me to join their shitty forum.

You can’t join the forum from their ingame browser (sucks) so I decided to exit gmod and give his RP script another try after I checked out everything on his site. There was apparently a ton of rules about what citizens can and can’t do and what combine can and can’t do. I went back in and got arrested for punchwhoring because I was mad I just wasted 4 hours of my life, said bullshit and got banned for leaving the server when I was arrested.

Attempt Number 2

This server had 400 models, nearly 400 textures, and plenty of lua files for fluff. Took MORE than 30 minutes to download.

Their new server called “Experiment” is apparently ruleless. It’s like DarkRp…but 100 times worse. Anyone can do whatever the fuck they want. It only takes three punches to kill someone. I got really lucky and found a few nice things, $3000 and a fiveseven for example.

Before that it was absolute hell, being randomly killed by people in their invinci-suits running around with P90’s. Eventually I befriended 2 people and we ran around mugging people, giving them a chance to give us 1/3 of their money instead of killing them straight out. We ended up killing most of them anyway but it was fun for a while and I had an entire session where I didn’t die for a couple hours.

I was not aware though that when you died you lost a PERCENTAGE of your money, meaning if you got 100k you lose something around 90k when you die. So I had 6k and lost 5k from one death after a guy raided me and my buddies. The suits you can buy are the suits from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and reduce damage done to you by eighty percent. Do the math to figure out how much health that gives someone with 100 hp.

So I died, lost a good amount of money but tried again because I still knew those two people. Found a glock, and that made me VERY happy (You buy weapons in shipments, shipments of five. So you can’t just buy a gun for yourself since nobody ever actually shares the weapons they buy).

I went to my locker, lockers in Kuromeku can hold a certain amount of items and money so when you die you don’t lose what’s in the locker. I took out my pitifully small stash of money, bought 2 things of ammo (one of them was taken by a passerby wanting some free stuff, they remind me of Seagulls) and equipped my gun after loading the 2 mags of 9mm rounds.

Very shortly after somebody ran up to me, killed me with one shot to the head, I lost ALL of my money, lost my glock, lost my ammo, lost my buisiness suit…it was too much to deal with. I quit.

I didn’t realize this was such a massive wall of uninteresting text, sorry I just had to let it out.


Pretty much sounds like the server.

what do you expect from kud-o-miku?

Well I didn’t know what to expect the first time. The garrysmod.com article was too tempting.

The second time I expected it to be a bit different since it was about 4 months since it was initially released. Apparently not.

Which is why you never outrightly believe any article anywhere.

I feel like you,bro. I was there, and 10 minutes later, i raged, Ifucking raged hard.

Kuro’s can be fun, most of the time you can’t do anything, though.

The experiment server was… as it says… a experiment to see what would happen if kuro did what the people asked. People asked for weapons, we gave them weapons. People asked for admins, we gave them admins, only for them to hate em. People asked for higher prices on guns so we gave them higher prices, they complain about how high they are. People asked for freedom, we gave them that, to find minges. Kuro came to the conclusion that no-ones going to be happy with anything. The experiment server is now a serious RLRP server, where you can create any faction you want, and can get items, but you have to buy like 3k permits, not to hard since you can buy money printers, and everyone gets 200$ every like 10 minutes.

As for the HL2RP server, freedom is zip, its for those people that like so much order that you can’t run without getting banned or something like that.

Sorry you couldn’t find any fun from the servers. But trust me, the newest- RL RP one is so fun I can’t get away from it.

Flaming is bad. :3
-HL2RP and RLRP Administrator

Believe me it was fun. But I’m still angry for wasting so much time. I’ll likely go back with a pre-existing friend sometime.

I was ticked when I saw the 100s of textures and models I had to download.

Hey guys. Funny fact

Kuromeku = ******** = Conna

Wow, aren’t you smart?

(User was banned for this post ("Why reply?" - Benji))

Yeah I was too. I downloaded it for experiment, but now there is no more experiment server.

I already HAVE all of the models, and Kuro is making me download them again for the real server.

The experiment server was weird. It was always meant to be taken down after one week, but he never told anyone on the server that, just people on the forums knew that. It’s like a kick in the balls for it to just go down suddenly.

A very hard kick in the balls with a strange sensation of relief and pain at the same time. For some, is nice to have that server down, in other hand, people doesn’t think so.

Yeah, Kuro’s servers severely restrict and limit roleplaying. Originally, Conna’s gamemode and community restricted pretty much everything. You couldn’t spawn ANY props or use a toolgun unless you “donated” money to Conna. That sounds to me like ruining roleplaying just to make a profit. Not to mention Conan popularized the use of the RealFake Players hack to make his servers look popular. He was the first to make his servers look like 40 people were playing, but were actually empty.

Nowadays, it’s supposed to be different, but it’s really still the same. Limited roleplaying and serious script over roleplay. A gamemode script on a roleplaying server should only handle basic functions like controlling chat messages, managing players’ data, and combat, and should do nothing to prevent any roleplaying, but Conna’s scripts do, which undermines the fundamentals of roleplaying.

Sorry bud, Your community fails. You have the worst group of UU.

Don’t go on that server. Their community is trash. He banned me when he got captured by me as a CP becasue he was shooting people.