Kuro's old gamemodes

I was wondering if Kurozael’s old gamemodes, Nexus 3.0d and Cider worked? Has a Garry’s Mod update broken them?


By the way, are Kurozael, ********, Kuropixel and Conna all the same person?

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And why are all three accounts banned?

They are all the same person. He seems to like changing his name a lot.

somescripter is his name on FP now. Most of his scripts can be fixed with minimal adjustments, but I suggest using different gamemodes/making your own.

Cider is outdated and broken, not even Kuro recommends people using it. Nexus is riddled with backdoors and it’s broken, and on top of that it seems to cause a shit ton of e-drama.
That’s the thing with Kuro’s stuff, it always generates unnecessary amounts of e-drama. You should try Tiramisu instead, it’s a great gamemode based on CakeScript with all the “fancy” features that Kuro’s newer gamemodes have.

I tried Tiramisu. I couldn’t figure out how to change my job (lolfail). Also, I binded f2 to drp_showinv, is there a way I can make it so it goes back to normal?

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Because looking through the lua, Tiramisu looks like some sweet stuff.

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And Nexus ans Cider are 100% unusable?

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And what are “backdoors.” (Sorry for so many edits).

Backdoors, you know, so kuro can either: Shut down your gamemode or server if he feels, make it stop working, or even make himself admin on it and abuse.

It’s like a trojan in Lua pretty much. I haven’t looked at cider, but I’m guessing theres some dlls and in those are the backdoors.

Is Tiramisu dead? Also, I need to know how to switch jobs (Is it admin command only?). And I can’t get MySQL to work, so no Nexus.

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It seems to not be dead based on the Beta 3 being loaded 29 hours ago. But the thread is closed :(.

Aren’t the jobs invite only, like an admin has to make someone police chief so they can invite people to the police?

Tiramisu is a CakeScriptG2 fork. You are meant to make your own schemas for it, or use the already existing ones.
Like in pretty much any next-gen RP gamemode, Tiramisu uses permanent flags. An admin assigns a player with a specific flag for a specific class, and then the player will be able to use this flag whenever he joins the server, unless it is removed by an admin.
There should be a list of commands available, otherwise I think it’s something like rp_setflag or rp_setadminflag