KuroScript 1 or 2

Hello All, I was wondering if someone would be kinda enough to post some links and guides on how to setup a server for one of the gamemodes suggested in the title.

Kuroscript 2

I hope some kind, friendly person can help.



Seems like it’s almost similar to Nexus since the same person build it and nexus is basically a upgrade of Kuroscript.

There a installation page there.

If you did get them, they’d be so broken it’s not even funny. Just go with Nexus.

Is nexus considered abandonware considering he doesn’t update it? Or was nexus always free and blue print was the one you had to pay for…?

The skeleton, severance and novus two schematics for nexus were free.

Ok, Thanks for the install link sylerr. But now i need to find out how to download HL2RP and set up a server with it.

HL2RP has never been free. If you want to use it, you’ll have to find a leak.

It actually includes HL2RP it’s called Citadel the original leaker removed all the backdoors but he renamed the gamemode.

A long time ago I actually fixed the original KuroScript, but it just kept breaking every day for some reason.