Kuroscript Experiment

Hello Everyone.
I have bought the famous kuroscript - experiment.
i am looking for people to setup the whole thing, there will be donated for some stuff so there will be profit for whoever that does that.
you will get 80 % of the profit if it contains a forum, ventrilo and owner has mysql and a good hosted server in europe.
let me know if anyone is interested.

edit : this is garrys mod.
need anymore infomations pm me.

You got ripped off there, kuro is a bad coder, and a troll, you just wasted your money on a script which he didn’t even make, he steals his code, maps and content from people. You should try and get your money back.

i know that. i tried to get it back but not working. so what if he didnt make it. i dont care really. VM made it work so so can i…

I’d help you,

but seeing as though kuroscript IS a private gamemode, i’d like some proof?

You should really consider using a different gamemode… kuroScript is pretty restrictive in terms of RP.

Personally, I think Kuroscript is actually well-done. It’s just never used right.

And no offense to you, FallApart, but I do see this as a waste of your money - the server is nothing more than grief/minge hell, there’s no incentive to even try to RP, and with no rules or admins to even try to make order of things, the only ‘peaceful’ time you’ll get is when barely anyone is on and the others can’t find you to kill you for no reason.

Experiment RP is all upon how you use it. You can easily have admins brought in, user friendly environment, and incentive to roleplay.

kuromeku’s choice of how to use the script was not how all people must choose to use the script. That’s like saying everyone that uses TacoScript has to carbon copy the entire format of TnB.

FallApart, I previously fixed script for Vodka, I can fix it for you. Add me to friends on steam (I sent you nick on PM).

AbsolutWodka or GMod.org link downloader? Haha.

If I had kuro’s shitty script, I’d troll him by releasing it under my name.

Maybe… Someone does have it…?

Kuro pussy.

Kuro is a pussy, he doesn’t even know how to take back a cigarette.

So I can walk into your house and take as much stuff as I want, say nothing more about it and it’s not stealing, yeah?

IT was publicaly released, Basicly saying ‘Use it’ Get over yourself

I’m disappointed he called my name “Deuce”. It’s Deus. Day-Us. FML.

Hes cool because he smokes.

Alright, played this again because one of my friends suggested it to me and I fell for it. He helped me get set up and all… And then we both, along with a third unfortunate player, got RDMed by some mic-spamming douchebag. I lost a good portion of the money and a gun my friend gave me. We respawned, all teamed together, and killed the shit out of the RDMer and his armed buddy before they could react. This was over the course of about an hour.

Yes. I’m serious. We had to go DarkRP on someone’s ass, because, as my friend tells me, there are no rules or anything, and the only admin that was on was using observe mode to find contraband caches.

What’s the goal, then, if there’s no RP? Simply make money, buy guns and special abilities (better accuracy, getting more money, heightened chances of literally deflecting bullets, being able to, seperately, deal more damage and take less, etc.), and kill as much as possible 'till you eventually get fucked over by some lucky guy that kills you, and then, often enough, start all over again because dying made you, by pure bad luck, lose everything. What’s more, because Kuroscript limits you to try and make you feel, ‘human,’ you’re simply playing a very, very limited version of DarkRP with only some fancy scripting going for it.

Marked on my ‘avoid list.’

Obvious answer is, stay away from kuro and his shit, he’s a fuckup.