kuroScript RP


Created by kuromeku. Formerly known as Conna or kudom(i)ku.

 This thread is old and the script is much better now, if you would like more up to date pictures or info please [visit our forums.](http://www.rolenation.com)


kuroScript has gone through many changes in the past, and is still changing today. It has been formerly known as: Cider, Cydar, and Blueprint. Slowly changing from a script similar to DarkRP to a serious HL2 RP community.


This script has many features such as attributes, inventory, special animations, storage, a character selection menu, and automated things such as ration/pop dispensers.

Attributes: [editline]hi[/editline] ** You now have the ability to set what attributes you have apon character creation. Unlike the older system where you must gain attributes by running/jumping/fighting/etc. You still gain attributes apon doing these things though! **

Featured attributes:

[li]Endurance- Affects how well you can take damage.
[/li][li]Acrobatics- How high you can jump.
[/li][li]Agility- How fast you can run.
[/li][li]Stamina- How long you can run.
[/li][li]Medical- How well you can heal yourself/others with medical items.
[/li][li]Accuracy- How accurate you are apon firing weapons.
[/li][li]Strength: How much damage done apon punching someone/How heavy a item can be to pick it up.


Inventory: Store items on your character, default amount of weight you can carry (In kilograms) is 10, owning a backpack gives you 12 kilograms more of storage, owning a pocket increases it by around 8, max amount of weight you can carry is 24 kilograms unless you: max out your strength attribute (then its 50) or use the third donator feature.


Storage: Store your items/weapons in containers such as closets, barrels, drawers, and lockers! There are 2 lockers around every map we use, if you have a locker key (acquired via merchant) you can unlock these lockers and store 30 kilograms more weight inside! They are handy for hiding things or storing lots of items if you have your hands full.

(Picture of me opening a barrels inventory.)


Character menu: Make as many characters you want with this script! You can base your characters anyway you like via model selection and the /details command! Make anyone from a old, stuckup Italian guy to a friendly 18 year old American! (Not basing any moods/acts by race/country, just based of the characters I have.)


Automated entities: Why wait every 5 hours to get a ration (Pack with items, money, food, etc.) when you can get one from a automated dispenser every 2 hours! Just press on the dispenser and wait, it acts just like the dispensers in HL2 other than the blue light that flashes while its dispensing. If your in the CWU (Civil Worker’s Union) you are given 2 rations every 2 hours. We also have water dispensers which will dispense a random type of water for 5 tokens. Regular breens water is not rare at all, smooth breens water is medium rare, and rough breens water is the rarest. Rareness is based apon how much of a chance you have of that type of water coming out.

(Its not mountain dew, just a reskin I have, heh.)


Vocations now vary by server.

We currently have 2(4 more being added in a matter of weeks) different servers, all being based on some kind of RP.

Sandbox: What in the world are you going to do here… [IP:]

Counter-Strike: Source: Pew pew your friends and hack like never before! [IP:]

Planet Kyron: Basically another RPG where you walk around as a goblin or something, hehe. [IP:Upcoming]

EvoCity RP: Roleplay as if you were a regular person in the real world, weather it be a docter, policeman, or maybe even a terrorist? [IP:Upcoming]

Fallout RP: Guess you can’t tell what you do in here? [IP:Upcoming]

Severance RP: Roleplay as if you were a person (or zombie!) in London, United Kingdom/England. The world is in a post-apocoliptic waste, more zombies than human, but your surviving… barely. Main factions: The Division, British Army, American Army.[IP:Upcoming]

Find out more information/forums at here!

** To those many people sending me messages, let me get this strait, I AM NOT kuro, just a mere administrator on his server(s). I will still be happy to receive requests and help you in any way you need.**

Looks awesome!


Professional standard script, well-run community. I’d recommend you check it out, if nothing else.

Big success!

Also, what is the max number of characters you can have?

Its unlimited, cept when it comes to whitelisted chars, you can only have one characters for each vocation other than citizens and CWU members.

TnB > this.

Renamon, why judge before you haven’t even tried it?

This is a much better gamemode than shitty TacoScript.


  • Has depression mode.
  • Has a DECENT quiz at the start.
  • Has good staff members. (admins and shit)
  • Has a ration dispenser.
  • Vending machines actually work!
  • Buttons can be asigned to different classes to use. For example, you can make a button so that only CWU members or CPA units can use it.
  • I play on it.
  • Has got the double of slots that TnB has.
  • You gain attributes at a DECENT pace.
  • You can use all kind of containers.
  • It has its own admin mode!!! OMFG!!!
  • It is fucking awesome.
  • You ain’t gonna find any abusive CPA units.
  • It has decent rules.
  • Hardly any minge joins the server.
  • It has no lag. (Except if you have a WINDOWS 95 computer)
  • Server has really hight FPS.**

And lots of other shit that I don’t have time to post.

Probably player base, but not gamemode.

Billy Mays was the fucking idea of this roleplay gamemode, appreciate it!

Yeah, TnB is blatantly successful over this in terms of community, but this script - as I’ve said - is much more professional. Wormag, I’m sure we’d all appreciate slightly more reasonable dissertations in the future :slight_smile:

None of this is hard to do. Also it seems like a modded taco script 2.

There’s absolutely nothing even remotely similar to Tacoscript.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve never RP’d in your life.

It’s a completely different script all together, it was not modded from an existing game mode, it was coded from the ground up.

I’m going to join, I hope it’s worth my time xD

Gamemode looks good, Now let’s see if the players can roleplay a bit.


Disconnect: Kicked by Console : “Mismatch: effects\propspawn\init.lua”.

What the fuck? Great I just fucked up my gmod again…

Anyway how to fix this? And why the hell would I be kicked for something like this…

It’s part of a script enforcer that we have due to people hacking to get items and stats. The only way around it is to clean your Gmod. Sorry, I know it’s inconvenient, but citizens were running around with RPGs and shit.

Saying that it is built from tacoshit is just ignorant. I’ll testify to the fun I have had on this server.

Wow that’s pretty fucked up!

What if I just delete effects\propspawn\init.lua would that help? Deleting everything is not what I really want to do atm (Seeing that I have 20gb worth of addons and I love every single one of them :D)

You could try that but odds are it’ll kick you for some other lua file you have, try removing any goremods/hacks/derma lua files you have.

Sounds like a copy of tacoNbanana. Even the faction names.
Anyways, played there, Their script is way better that tacoscript but it seems it lacks… something