kuroScript RP

The default I have set is 50, Doug.

Use custom map, sell props, have actual roleplay.


…Yeah, but this is on kuroScript, where props do cost money.

Forget about kuroscript and don’t use any script to roleplay.

Perhaps you should make your own thread called “Don’t use any script to RP, it’s stupid” rather than cluttering up this one, which is supposed to be about a complicated and highly restrictive script?

If he doesn’t have something to complain about, he’s not at peace with himself. His entire post count that involves this thread is nothing more than incessant whining and bickering because he believes his idea is intellectually superior.

He’d be better off making his own GMod with one game mode called “Sandbox RP”, and if anyone tries to RP, it kicks them for being a bunch of srs fgts and if they build it will kick them for being a bunch of unsrs fgts.

And your entire post count involves arguing with him and claiming “I’m right, your wrong, so FUCK YOU”.

Your point?

God… whatever happened to the rule “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say nothing at all”, cause basically facepunch is nothing but the opposite of that.

Waits to be corrected or made fun of


I am going to make a thread about it then. And quote this in the OP

And to be honest the thread you made was just really what I was saying in this whole thread and the thread I already made about it(http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=802452).


But. Let’s keep the discussion to Kuro Script and not to the general Roleplay scene.

The main problem I have had with kuroScript is that, especially in the Resident Evil server, there are factions that are a bit…entrenched…and hard to join, a bit like TnB.

HL2RP is a very difficult gamemode to integrate new players into, but I feel it can be done.

Resident Evil was specifically hard to join a faction mainly because it was survivor based roleplay. 90% of the characters in UBCS and RPDQU died on a bi-daily basis. We really wanted players to create their own personal factions and cliques, and have the UBCS and QU as a dynamic factor they can work with or against. Making it hard to get into and the soldiers always dying pretty much disallowed players to pull elitism and favoring certain players over others.

All the fucking servers are down. Direct me to a working one.

Hoster was simulentlessly DDoSed, causing him to have to pay 250 dollars, and then shut all the servers down.

Should have a new hoster in maybe 2-3 days.

Way to have incorrect information.


Hey, I just repeated what I heard in a draft.

So what is the truth then

Phil’s post was incorrect. Go read the forums and find out what happened.

Not going to register again, conna got my password from the forums. Maybe he can get my ID or social insurance number.

Whatever your thinking, conna didnt do it. In fact all login info. Is encripted by the people who made vBulletin to prevent this.