KuroScript SCRDS Module Error

Ok, first off I will post some info that may help.

I have a sucessfully installed mysql server with the kuroscript.sql implanted in the database. My sv_config.lua (Where I put my sql info in) us working fine (tested). All of the .Dll files and shit are where they are supposed to go.

The error I am getting is in my srcds console.

Everything seem to be working fine. But right after it loads ULX it says "Error! Module ‘game description not found’ " And then the server automatically shuts down =C. I don’t know what the problem is.

Is hldsupdatetool outdated? Maybe
Is the server up to date? Yes
Is the mysql configured correctly? Yes
Is it a module issue? Maybe
Is that version of Kuroscript out of date and non-functional with garrysmod? Maybe
Is there something wrong with a random lua script thats fixable? Maybe
Is ‘Game Description’ an actual module? Or is it something not defined in a module script? Maybe

If you want to check out the gamemode to see if you can see any errors in it at all go here: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=77938

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Is there anyway I can get this gamemode to work without mysql? It really is a pain in the ass… Why doesn’t the gamemode developer just make it to where it has a database in some text files or something?..

Don’t use ANY admin mods on your KS server, conflicts with the gamemode.

No, it needs MySQL.

http://cloudsixteen.com - you’re years out of date, and OpenAura is only $50.

Pay for a gamemode my ass. I will just make one myself… Jeez people are soooo lazy. Also I will probably just end up waiting for clockwork, it free and it looks pretty bad ass*

dramaunlimited anyone? Thanks to openauth everyone has the schemas for free before it got changed, without all the “DRM” piled in :slight_smile: