Kweh Kweh All The Way

Because SquiddyTreat is the best person on this forum.
(With the exception of all the Mod’s and Admins)
(Praise be to the Admins)

Sorry to be a cock but I didn’t really find it funny and it was awkwardly posed… :frowning:

i have no idea what’s going on

Ninja_Nub hit me with his laptop, thus turning me into a chocobo.
Lame, yes, as always
but I was overcome with joy over the fact that a Chocobo is being ported to Gmod.
The one seen here is a test model, the textures are still in the works.

Well that was definitely stupid.

Perskin content goes in the perskin thread, Gobo.

Joy makes you do stupid things Nub.
Like not reading any of the prior posts.

Still, perskin content belongs in the *perskin thread.

I’ve been overjoyed earlier, but I’ve never posted stuff that *belongs *in the perskin thread in an independent thread.

please leave

Chocobos are cute.

fuck chocobos.

I’m not entirely sure that’s physically possible for a human being.

Rule 34 says otherwise

Sadly I’ve been tricked before into seeing chocobo porn…
and let me tell you that what has been seen, cannot be UNseen.

Rushed, pretty bad posing, the lighting isn’t anything too good and the joke itself wasn’t funny in my opinion.

what the fuck this isnt even funny

Read prior comments,
these things have already been discussed.

Heh, that was actually kinda funny.

Try not to mind the lighting too much, the model’s still in beta.
I haven’t fixed that just yet.

and again,
the posing is all me.
The chocobo works fine,
I was just excited and did a crap job.
next time I use it I’ll take my time and do it right.

Didn’t mean to make Squiddy look bad with this.