Kyle Katarn (Jedi Knight series)

Basically I want the model from Jedi Academy or Outcast ripped for GMod.
Can someone do it?

You can import and export JA models with Noesis. The pakfiles can be opened with winrar or something.

Though setting up the textures is a massive hassle. Just letting you know.

Thanks for the info though I’m not much of a modeler myself. :smiley:

There are tools to open the PK3s, and as far as I know the textures are just jpegs. I too would love to see this done. Wraithcat, how’re the textures a hassle? I might try this myself.

You can open the PK’s with winrar.
As to the hassle. It’s due to the whole texture system actually.

First of all, all the bodygroups are present on the model from the getgo - you need to use material ID’s to seperate them actually, as they aren’t divided by elements.

Secondly the whole texture system is set up in a somewhat odd way.

a) there’s the textures - jpg or png’s usually.
b) There’s a skin file which classifies which texture is used for what bodygroup. (a human readable text file)
c) the model itself then renames the textures a bit.

For instance you have a texture called torso_a.jpg
This is referenced in by the skin file then which pulls out the group as
texture1 torso_a.jpg
texture2 null etc

and thirdly the model itself does not reference texture1 but something like JA_texture1.

And the last thing - the UVW’s are flipped.

It’s technically pretty simple to do, just a bit frustrating.


I just realised I might have the katarn mesh actually
includes bones and everything - was part of the SDK

You know you can just use pakscape to get Katarn out and then import the model.glm into milkshape.
That’s what I do.

Or winrar or 7-zip :stuck_out_tongue:

Those bodygroups still apply to milkshape unless I’m mistaken though. Which is mostly annoying with the Player customiseable jedi in Jk3

Yeah, I’m familiar with the bizarre skin system used. I was into Jedi Knight modding myself for a while. I was unaware about the difficulties of importing them, however.

i loved that game. and jedi academy. both were entertaining

What are you guys even talking about.
Importing a Jedi Knight model is easy as piss.

I will rig it if someone gives it faceposing.

I don’t even recall JK having facial animation other than eyelids and a nutcracker mouth.

Could you port it without faceposing please?
I’d love to have this model as soon as possible.