Kyle902's Amazing Rocket launching truck!!


This truck has been built with a minimum use of Wiremod.

:siren: Screenshots :siren:

Firing the Rocket truck.

An awesome side shot

** Facts **
-This contraption is only 45 props!
-Each rocket rail can hold 5 rockets
-Each rocket will explode on contact


-Sometimes rockets randomly explode
-If you physgun it too fast it black holes
-Sometimes the wheels lock up

** Comments and Criticism are welcome **

Interesting concept, but it is not very good, try to use less phx and more vanilla props

Its still V1 (the first working version) I will gussy it up when I get all the bugs fixed.

Well thats good to hear, but in my opinion you should have waited to post it till then.



Fixed up your grammar


It’s also V1 and a lot of people post there V1 and work up from there.

Minimal use of PHX? The only things that arent PHX are the launchers themselves.

Find me gridded vanilla props.

um, just improvise like most other people?

Ive seen plently of FAR better looking MLRS’ made using all vanilla props. Why on earth do you need grids?

Or why dont you get smartsnap so ALL props get a grid?

Fine I’ll remove that part of the OP

Wow, this is fucking terrible.

No where near amazing.

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Sorry, but this is bad. Just a phx nubtruck with some griders slapped on the back, propably firing propane tanks with thrusters.

Try to make something look like the real thing, use a reference pic. PHX is fine, as long as you use it well, and not in the lazy way you just did.

hmmm, i will make it guided missiles rather

Meh I’ll completely overhaul it.

Bwuahahahahaha…haha… i’m sorry that just made me fuckin’ laugh my ass off. haha.


Wait… FFFF Benji… I didn’t say anything above :ninja:

These kinds of threads always tend to end with the OP saying they will just redo it, don’t they?

Nope, usually OP doesn’t even reply to them, or will just flame on people because of not being to take any kind of critism :V

What concept? There is absolutely nothing appealing about this truck, and it has way to many props for what it is, 45 props would yield something much better looking. And if it blackholes the way that he said it does, it must lag pretty bad too.

Just so you know, this is usually a bad thing.

I’ll show you a griding addon: