Kyubey (MGMM) WIP

Hey everybody, I’ve been modeling for quite a while, but I haven’t been posting here much, so I decided now is just as good a time as any. Did a quick speed modeling challenge of a cartoon character. Not sure if anyone’s interested in it, but if enough people want it I’ll rig it and make into a ragdoll and a player model. NPCs I’m willing to do the animations for, but I’m still trying to figure out SNPCs, so I wouldn’t be able to do the coding. Also I might up-res the texture a bit. The challenge called for one 512 x 512, and there are some artifacts on his back. Anyways, here’s some pics.

[SUP]You should become a magical girl! …Wait what?

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Looks like a good enough start. An NPC of Kyubey sounds fitting enough, but a Playermodel sounds horrifying. :V

As for Feedback, currently the tail and ears seem pretty stiff, basing it on the images.

Best of luck.

Well, maybe I do.

Oh, yeah don’t mind that. I just haven’t rigged it yet. Those’ll be fixed after I actually make it into a ragdoll. I think a bigger problem is the fact that the light in his eyes is symmetried over. Gotta flip the UVs for his right eye.