L.A Noire Cops

Hey everyone, i was wondering if anyone could actually port / rig L.A Noire cops to source. I would be very thankfull if anyone could do it, thanks in advance.


I always liked the Cop models, I did give it a shot because Ninja Ripper does work for L.A. Noire, however social club prevents you from going past the title screen unless you’re signed in. I don’t know who made the idea where you now have to have internet to play singleplayer games, but it’s a pretty bad case. The only way you’d be able to do it, is to either get a cracked version of the game or just use a serperate ripper system that bypasses such DRM.

It must be possible somehow, cause I have seen some ripped vehicle models from the game. I don’ know how, I only know it is possible.

I’ve heard getting models from LA Noire is a pain in the ass.