My impression of what L4D3 could look like, done entirely in-engine over the course of two hours and three crashes.

Care to C&C? :v:



If the weapon a pistol with a scope or what?

so left 4 dead 3 will be brown and have zoom blur

It’s this:


And yes, technically it’s a high-caliber hunting pistol, but it can be outfitted with a scope or stock to make it very rifle-like.

And L4D 1 and 2 were never brown?

Looks official. Quality map choice too.

You should show this off to your friends just like you did the EP3 pictures :v:

Both left 4 deads had colour.
Way more colour than brown


I dunno, at least a couple of those look brown-ish to me.

Most of the reason why the shot looks this way is because of the color of the building combined with the dim firelight in the middle of the night. Color correcting it just exacerbated the problem (making the fire eye-bleeding orange), so I left it the way it was. In a shot like this at least it makes some sense.

It wasn’t my intention to make it look like the Gears of War you think it is, and even then it’s still more colorful than that. Brown isn’t always bad, at least it’s got context here.

Actually the l4d1/2 ones were more orange than brown, and your brown still looks pretty boring.

Again, it was the map. Would you rather me retexture the building orange, then? Put some nice dev texture on it? :v:

Or you could actually tune the ingame color correction to give it a less brown look.
Don’t blame the map when you can remedy stuff to a certain degree still ingame.

I’d love to drop this and get some actual critique, by the way. This is getting comical.

You did it wrong, then.
There’s other ways to use colour correction than orangeorangeorangeorange.
Even blue would’ve been better.
Also, color mod.

Where are all the zombies?

Think of it like the start of a usual L4D level. A lot of dead ones strewn about, and a few not far off (on the stairs, in the fallen away chunks of the building), but the real hoards are yet to be seen.

What he really needs to do is to use fog, that shit is amazing.

This deserves a “Badass” badge

I don’t see enough waist high barricades and obvious cover points.