L4D 1 Maps don't work in Gmod (?U?sing Mount2)

I downloaded the program Mount2 and got all the left 4 dead 1 maps onto Garry’s Mod, but Gmod either
A: Crashes.
B: Loads the map with Black/Pink squares.
or C: Freezes at the end of loading

Even though Mount2 is supposed to load the materials, it apperently didn’t, but it works for other games (Insurgency Mod, for ex.)

Any reason for this?

Gm_mount tells you left4dead maps will crash the game in the readme IIRC.

What is mount2? All i could find was linux stuff.

Mount 2 only brings the props from games over to Gmod, it doesn’t fix the maps.

Readme means read me. So read it next time you intense swearing ahead