L4D 1 Zoey Infected Reskin - Assistance

Been trying for some time now to get a reskin to work again.
I had it quite a while ago, and made a bunch of pic’s in Gmod with it, it used to work fine. I have since reinstalled Gmod as I do from time to time in order to ensure that I have everything organized and easy to find. Somehow, though, The skin has chosen to not work any longer.
The request for assistance is as follows:

  1. Is anyone willing/able to help with getting this skin to work again?
    (FPSBanana linkage: (LINK) )
  2. If able to fix, would it be at all possible to go further beyond the current skin to create the following:
    A) A version of Zoey with one eye red, one normal colored (as the picture shows on FPSBanana (I never was able to get that much working, it was always both eyes, or neither) But with the skin still infected looking
    B) A version of Zoey with BOTH sides of her face showing as the infected skin (double over what she looks like on the one side) and hair color changed from solid black to solid white.

If anyone is able to, this would be a great help.
Even if only the first part is possible.
Thank you for any and all assistance rendered.

Bump of Sadness

One Final bump and then I’ll let it die.

Have you tried hexing the skin?

Unfortunately I’m just THAT bad with code.
Sorry, no.

It may look scary to start out with, but you’ll be able to do it in no time.

Still having a problem with the single eye thing, but I’m not worried about that, I can work with having both eyes red n’ all.
Every time I try n’ do the white hair though it ends up with the full area where the hair SHOULD be turning white, not just the hair itself.
She ends up with these huge white areas where nothing should be.
That and I haven’t tried hexing yet.
Was gonna once I get the skin right, but the I can’t get the skin right.

Well damn. Now the skin isn’t working again and I can’t even get the eyes right anymore. Any other ideas?

Nuther last bump
Tried hexing, didn’t work because the skins don’t work.
Still haven’t figured out how or why the skins aren’t working.
I got the eyes working by renaming the files, but nothing else seems to want to work.