L4D(2) blood replacement

Can someone please provide a replacement of L4D(2) blood? They look much more realistic then the small splats of really low-res blood.

I would replace it if I knew how. If this is very easy to do, I should declare myself a fool.

If L4D2’s blood is in VTF format, which I am assuming it is, then it should be no more difficult then taking the VTF files, most likely named “Blood 1, 2, etc”, and rename/replace them with Half Life 2’s blood decals.


If nobody happens to answer this request, you can also use this wonderful site to acquire realistic-looking blood splatters. I have heard the aforementioned site is very popular with developers, and that Valve has used it for some of their games.

Sadly all blood files are VMT files.

I’ll see that “wonderful site” of yours, thanks for the reply though.

Edit; sadly the website has nothing I’m looking for, in L4D2, the blood is darker, and the decals are very different, thanks for the website though.

The blood also has .vtf files. It literally has to. The .vmt files tell the engine which .vtf to use, and which normal map, etc., but doesn’t actually contain the texture information.