l4d and l4d2 models missing

hi,i just bought Gary’s mod and realised it uses models from source games.

cut to the point, Why cant i import left 4 dead or left 4 dead 2 models/textures??


L4D one and two use different source engine builds. You need to extract and apply the models and materials yourself.

Or you can track down a little mod called GM_Mount2 in the Lua section and try that out.


Not entirely my friend, It doesn’t work for everyone

yay i mounted left 4 dead and 2 and can use the models :smiley: only one thing i wish i could do…

how to get left 4 dead NPCS that actually move and attack etc.? I can only find rag doll models of each zombie…

You can’t get NPC’s and the L4D2 zombies aren’t spawnable.



There’s a few SNPC’s that use the L4D models, but they’re very buggy.


They aren’t very buggy, they just don’t work. Well, atleast the zombies don’t work.