L4D and or L4D2 Npcs?

I was just wondering if it was possible to make L4D and L4D2 NPCs? If it is, would anyone be willing to make? If it already exists could someone give me a link please? Thanks! ( Willing to pay for the NPCs )

Wait, the normal zombies, the players, or the special zombies?

Normal Zombies and Uncommon infected

NPCs is stupid we need SNPC

The L4D engine is a different class of Source than the one used in TF2 (which runs Gmod). The NPC code was created specifically for L4D and would be difficult to recreate for Gmod. It is possible, but it would require much more work and skill than most here are capable of.

As of now, there are no NPCs (or SNPCs) that capture the behavior or abilities of the L4D NPCs.

For more information, I believe there’s a discussion under the topic “gmount_2”.

I mean I don’t need the animations FROM l4d just more of the skins without the head crabs would be enough.

gm_mount2 used to work for this purpose, but it’s currently broken. Still, the default gmod mount options should let you access the models.

Models: Easily imported

Animations: Possible, might be done

AI: Not gonna happen

Give me a hexed models of Left For Dead, and I will make SNPCs just I did to this ones: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1206634

Well, i may be able to add this to the list of SNPCs to create… the models have animations with names differed from that of an SNPC’s, we would have to rename all of it to be successful, but as in my first versions (if you could call them SNPCs) they were like a lagfest…

I may be able to make the L4D zombies function like the running zombies in Dan’s Npc pack, I’ll play around with the files when I have some free time.