L4D are there any tuts like this?

Hi there. I hope i’m in the right section.

I’am making a map. And i got alot of ideas, But i can’t find any tutorial for how to do it.
Like these.

  1. I want to make a hill with a looping sound in it that is in the orginal l4d game. A war sound so you can hear its behind the hill. How do i do this?

  2. Are there any particle effect like white flashing effect in hammer?

  3. You know the level Dead Air right? In the first level you see in the beginning a big plane (c130) flying over you. How do you make that?

  4. Making a army humvee pass over the bridge while it’s driving?

I have searched it on google. None of these are on google what i actually want.
So are there any tutorials out there?
Sorry for my english.

Ambient Generic

Make a custom one

Prop_dynamic with the animation set to fly over

Prop_dynamic and a func_tracktrain

Yeah i know i need to go to ambient_Generic, but is there any war sound that can be looped and played?

Well that easy to say. Make own one. Is there not any effect like from the lightning bolt and use the flash effect?

I got it working to use the model c130 in prop_dynamic and play the animation intro.

There is no func_tracktrain in the editor.

Could you not explain a bit more?

HL2 contains some good ambients of war, since they were used in the rebel uprising part of the game. Might be hard to find a track without strider screams though.