L4D Arms???

can anyone give me the link where i can download l4d arms??

You could extract them with gcfscape: http://nemesis.thewavelength.net/index.php?p=26

do you need L4D to do that?

Are you saying you don’t have L4D?

Yes you need L4D to do that, using the arms without the game would be piracy.

Im Getting The Demo Would That Be Good??

Have mommy buy you Left 4 Dead.

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I don’t think the demo is available anymore…

The demo isn’t available anymore.

Why is your name Grabbin Pills if you don’t have L4D…

The demo was removed when it was released.


Simple answer: The guy was looking at YouTube videos.

yes i was lol

Download the D server files for L4D, and get the content for free.

I Do Have L4D… On The Xbox 360 XD

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If you don’t own L4D for PC, downloading or extracting the arms via other methods is most certainly piracy.

Don’t bother, just buy it.

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