l4d beta characters

these four

I agree that these would be terrific to have, but I doubt they’ll get done.

I wonder what made them change their mind over this…?

They should have kept that old Louis.

After watching a video, I liked the beta things much more

-The survivors
-More dark
-Hands on the ladders
-Felt like an apocalypse more

I believe it was stated that play testers were having a hard time telling friend from foe and would often shoot each other.

i supported jason

Based on VALVe’s ingame commentary, they always seem to have morons play testing.

i think they should have kept that version of bill that would be sweet

Theese characters were more realistic and more deatalied then the newer ones.

Based on Valve’s actual community, they’re justified in doing so.

It would indeed be nice to have all of them, sort of a couple weeks later characters as opposed to the relatively clean survivors that are there now.

Too bad the chance of valve releasing them as an addon pack for l4d are pretty much nil.

Even though it most likely won’t happen, I still want to email someone at Valve regarding these

we should write to valve or something shit i dont know

Heck, ask them to put it up as cheap DLC. Like, $0.50 or something. Maybe $1. Phrase it as “monetization of existing content”. Call it an experiment. If it works, they might expand it into other old content, like the HL2 beta or TF2. If it doesn’t, no real harm done.

does valve have a beta for everything? i know ubisoft always does they completely changed the new splinter cell

Who should I try emailing at Valve about them?

I need their email as well since IDK any of theirs

i’ll try finding a beta download and i’ll link it here if someone wants to do it


try google thats how i get my support emailss and phone numbers


i may have found a download but theres a txt file that i need to read first


ok i think i found a patch that converts it to 1014 idk if its the beta though



try it but it may not work i cant test since l4d got stolen from me