l4d blood decals: how to make them replace gmods blood decals?

L4D’s blood decals are so much better…

Good question… I should look at this myself and see what can be done.
I’m nut sure if they’ll work without editing due to the extra shaders and everything

They work, if you know the decal material file names you just extract them from the vpk and place them in the respective materials/* folder in garrysmod and they will automatically replace the other ones.

Ahh, god bless Valve and their unreasonably lazy ways of doing things. :slight_smile:

no, it does not work i think, i tried and i still get default hl2 blood

Somebody has the decals on Gmod.org. Search up blood.

i cant find em. :frowning:

“blood, blood, where art thou?”

Lazy? It’s clever.

and lazy

what is the file for blood decals? I tried replacing it with files such as blood.vtf blood.vmt blood2.vtf blood2.vmt but nothing works

See what these ones are called, i’d guess its they’re the same.

Those aren’t the same. Since when did Left 4 Dead=Dark Messiah? Never. Dark Messiah is ANOTHER source game made by ANOTHER company.

Yes but what you lot were asking is what the blood decals needed to be called to replace the GMod ones, what these decals are called from Dark Messiah will be the same as the GMod ones (as they are named on the source base), so all you need to do is extract the l4d blood decals from materials/decals in the .pak file and name them the same as the ones in that pack (though i’m pretty sure they’re called the same tbh as their named on the source base code values). So thats how ¬.¬

I tried, but nothing. Then i downloaded a blood pack, checked the filenames, the grabbed things with that name from my l4d files. it didnt work. got the same blood + everyone splats regular blood and alien blood

could someone try and see?

Just download a Left 4 Dead pack and delete everything except for the decals. Or get the whole pack. That’s what I did.

I don’t think they work from those as I just looked and I did put the L4D decals in (as I put all the textures in when I ripped em) and my GMod still uses the originals.

Weird. What pack did you download? Because mine are just fine.

I ripped them myself, maybe the pack you downloaded had been altered to replace them.

Also there may be another reason, are yours in the garrysmod/garrysmod/materials folder? as mine are in addons and stuff sometimes doesn’t replace while in addons.

do you have a link of such pack?

I have a problem with this too. I can only get the l4d blood if I paint it on props and ragdolls. If its on the map it will be default blood. There’s also 3 files blood.vtf, blood.vmt, and that subrect file. Am I supposed to change any of these? I tried ripping the blood myself, but I get the same problem. I also downloaded Tecnhopath’s L4D 2.1 Pack. None of them work. This is strange though because it worked way back when Left 4 Dead was just released, but it stoped working couple months ago.