L4D Buildcubemaps problem

My map I’m working on has this problem.

Big picture


I used the Buildcubemaps command, but it didn’t help. I have cubemaps in the map.

Compiling it in HDR will fix it.

Also try assigning cubemaps to the faces

HDR mode worked but now my map is bright. Not like full bright, just daytime bright. I’m using the same lighting as the first No Mercy level.

Now that I look at it, No mercy is kinda bright ingame anyways… Guess I’ll have to change some things.

You might want to look into env_tonemap_controller before changing all your lights.

I have a problem like this too, When I build cubemaps my things shine like hell, I’ve tride 64 inches distance, 32, 16, 8 even 1 and 0. I’ve tried assigning it to the faces and even changed the cubemap size (tried all values). Still the same problem, everything reflective (the counter in the bathroom, the floor, some of the toilets) shine lika crazy with a silver like colour.

Anyone had this and know how to fix it? I’m posting this here as it might be the same problem.