L4D Car Colors

Is there any way to switch the colors of the sedans and hatchback from l4d in gmod? Is there a set of different color skins located somewhere in the l4d vpk?

They use a color mask, so there isnt actually separate textures. I am not sure if gmod supports it, it may be a new feature in the l4d engine.

Nope, doesn’t.

You can, if you REALLY want different colored cars, get the mask, hex it with the car.

If you REALLY REALLY wanna.

All I need is to find out how to convert the color mask into a vtf. Or is it a vtf?

I also had this problem, this is why i won’t use them for filming, its because they are all white…

The color mask isnt actually a color itself, its a white overlay which selects the parts of the car that need to be tinted and the tinting is done by code like say you wanted a yellow car it would be 246,235,0 or something like that (thats photoshop code btw) so if you can find the mask you have to make it the color you want in photoshop then overlay the default texture then save that as a vtf. But I dont want to go into that if you know what I mean then its all good.

I feel you dawg.

Anyone know where we can find this elusive color mask?

Probably in the .VMT I would assume. Again, I don’t think it will work in GMod.

It is supposedly a texture, a vmt is text.

The mask is the base texture’s alpha channel.

Its listed under a mask in vtf edit, how exactly do I convert this mask into something I can work on in photoshop?

Im not sure, I havent had much experience with L4D’s new system. Im pretty sure it would be extractable via photoshop or some other VTF program, perhaps its in layers? im not really sure.

It’s showing as a mask, which looks like a layer in vtf edit. But it will only export the regular texture to a standard image file (jpeg,tga,bmp) not the mask. Very frustrating.


Here’s the mask

Anyone who uses photoshop here, just get the VTF plugin, it’s way better than VTF edit.

Have a heart.

You’re welcome. :3:

Eh, that isn’t the mask…
The mask has transparency. :stuck_out_tongue:


I need to get this into photoshop, copy/paste won’t carry the transparency.

No it doesn’t. This ‘mask’ shows the whole body white and the rest of the car (bumpers, interior etc) black. So this can’t be the transparency alpha channel. In fact the L4D vehicle props don’t even use transparency, only the separate window texture does.
Don’t forget that an alpha channel can do hundreds of things, depending on the commands given in the vmt.

Also like I said before. just get the VTF plugin for photoshop and forget about VTF edit, it really became an obsolete program since the plugin came out.

What about when you want to quickly edit a few flags for the VTF?

save as png