L4D Content Not Loading? (157)

Ever since update 157, my L4D content doesn’t mount. The game is unlocked and mounted in Garry’s Mod. I validated files and cleaned my Garry’s Mod. No luck. Under Browse>Games l4d does appear but when I open it I see a few folders. But those folders are empty. Is anyone else having this problem?

Try to remount left 4 dead content in gmod while having dev console open(`). If you get mounting error messages in console after mounting l4d paste these errors in reply to this post. According to https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Steam_Application_IDs L4D’s id is 500, subid’s are following:
501 Left 4 Dead binaries
502 Left 4 Dead base
503 Left 4 Dead client binary
504 Left 4 Dead sound