L4D Crash Course DLC Howitzer!

Hello people i wanted to ask you if someone would be able to tell me how to setup the Crash Course DLC’s Howitzer to work as an Survival Panic Event.

In all honesty that made no sense…

Like a panic event. So you fire the howitzer and get overwhelmed by hordes of zombie things trying to claw your face off?

Oh a panic event, that’s what he meant.

Years of dealing with garbled facepunch posts has turned me into this…

Incidentally, is it wrong to enjoy watching a pokemon being punched repeatedly in the face?

http://www.fpsbanana.com/prefabs/4661 - Prefab of it.

Not at all Iron, not at all.

No Mr.IronPhoenix, it is not, it is rather amusing.

I wonder how a pikachu would taste. Probably quite shocking, but you never know…

Ohohooo that was a good pun sir.

Shoot me now…i feel like i have let everyone down. Actually, i better not say that, or half of fp will take it as an invitation to get their own back. And i’m all out of napalm.

Half of the mapping section seems to dislike you at this precise moment in time.

If they didn’t i would be sorely disappointed. I gotta have some cred or i wouldn’t be ironphoenix.

Too true, I really don’t know why they dislike you though :sigh:

I know there is a prefab of the Howitzer but i don’t have Left 4 Dead 2 to view it.

Because i have strong views about mapping and games in general. I only praise a map if it fills the ooo quota (of which only a few people know about). Also, there is that whole geek thing. People who play games but never think about the game is usually a geek hater. Stereotypes are killers.

Anyway, we should stop derailing this guys thread. In all truth, i cannot remember how to create a panic event, but i suspect if you search the vdc for panic events, it will tell you. My dabbling in l4d were brief. About as brief as that half of fp’s attention span in a discussion about philosophy and stereotypes.

Nice derail.

These should help;

Read up on panic/finale events and survival. Basically, just follow the instructions of how to set up an object to be the starting item for the event. In this case, use the howitzer prop. I might suggest using the one from Crash Course ( since it’s set up with an explosion and everything ). This could just save you some time.

It was a nice derail.

I enjoyed reading it though.