L4D Crash Course Ported

Hello everyone! Ellis here with one of the most requested map port’s of Left 4 Dead I saw… behold… Crash

Be sure to have Left 4 Dead Models in your Garry’s Mod just incase I missed to pack a few models and materials.

Download Mirrors

Known Bugs: The alley maps sky is all purple and black,parts where some of the buildings turn white,garage map seems to have these weird white lines through some of it.

Special Thanks!
Source SDK
Left 4 Dead

The alley maps sky is all purple and black. There’s also parts where some of the buildings turn white. I have l4d stuff so I’m not sure if the problem is on my end or not.

The garage map seems to have these weird white lines through some of it, but otherwise it works fine.

Hmmmmm. I will see what I can do.

black purple textures everywhere

Did ya downloaded the Left 4 Dead Ported models from garrysmod.org? If you did that pack doesn’t contain almost ALL of the Crash Course textures so you should try Porting the pack yourself or request it from someone else. If you didin’t download it then I don’t know what’s wrong cuz for me it’s fine.

Black and Purple Sky, what do I have to do with those .bak datas?

i got l4d and l4d2… i get purple and black textures… something wrong?

Hmmmmm. I still haven’t found what is wrong with those black and purple textures I mean It’s ok for me.

Strange shit, do we need to do something special with those .bak datas?

packrat the models and materials in.

I allready did.

Try getting GM_Mount2, that will solve ALMOST all problems

What he said.

Yes, but the fucking sky is still purple and black even with gm_mount²

Sigh, yet another problem with gm_mount2 (There is one other problem, but that argument was settled long ago, way before you were even concieved)

Hmmmm. I packed the models and materials in it I don’t know what is wrong to it. Really I am sorry truly I am.

still black purple shit mate

Tried to say it solves ALMOST all problems, nothing I can do about the sky. Just wait for the newest DLC for L4D2 to come out and there you go

EDIT: No wait, I meant that it doesn’t solve ALL problems