L4D Crashcourse Armored Truck Driveable

This is the Armored delivery truck that can be seen in the Left 4 Dead’s DLC Crashcouse campaing Finale,
An obvius nod to the movie Dawn of the Dead.

Great vehicle to runover zombies, it is fully compatible with VU mod, so it has passenger seats and HeadLights, for this last things to work you will need to download VU mod if you dont already have it.
Here you can find it:

To install this vehicle just put the folder inside the zip into your addons folder, and enjoy.

I want to thanks Wolfmasterofshadows, without his request and payment, this vehicle wont be here.

Also like a Bonus it comes anoter vehicle that you will see ingame. :wink:

VALVe… For Made the great game L4D and in it this model.
Wolfmasterofshadows… Idea and request.
EXOR Studios for the vehicle Sounds(From D.I.P.R.I.P. Warm Up)
DJ Iñaki(me) for make the model drivable, minor material improvements(mostly the Truck Dash) and the rest of the work needed for the vehicle to work.


If you enjoyed the vehicles you may also want to help out the developers that made those models, here you can bought the game where these are from:

And if after that you still got some spare money you can Donate me here: https://www.paypal.com/en_US/i/btn/btn_donateCC_LG.gif

<<<You can request your own vehicle here>>>

Moar Vehicles!!

Have fun!!

Just awesome
Thanks for making the vehicle drivable

This will be good for zombie machinimas…

Nice work.

nice work

You should make more vehicles driveable. Even if somebody doesn’t pay you, because I’m sure people love driveable vehicles :v:

I do, but I take my time to do them, i have to work too, and when someone gives me something in return I do stuff better and faster :smiley:

You all can see another vehicles by me not yet released here:

Thats why I requested it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you again! (I can’t thank you enough :P)

Awesome. I’ve always wanted to drive this. Would be cool in a zombie apocalypse RP.


These are really cool, I’m really looking forward to release :biggrin:

The bonus vehicle is brilliant, i’ve been using it on my friend’s server for tunnel transport :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks fun for rp.


a street with a huge amount of corpses is present after a gray flash

Do want. Hope to see release soon.

This is awesome.

Good job, I just can’t wait for that camper van.

Yeh, I have to release it, but I hate to release just 1 vehicle alone, so i want to release a pack of at least 4 TF2 related vehicles, all in one pack.

I have to do one from 0 and fix some issues in the other 3, also i want to get some better sounds for the sniper van.


I’m very proud with this one, i just love how it looks.


Also I got a Halo Warthog in the schedule that was requested…


I love you.

Holy shit I want that warthog, NAO!!! Also nice work with the armored truck. Let the mayhem commence.

Could you upload your stuf to more sites than only gmod.org, please, upload it to 4shared, or mediafire, or megaupload, rapidshare…
i don’t know what site , but please could you, becose with only gmod.org number of people that can download is limited.

What? Since when.

I think you dont have the actual game. There isnt a limit to how many can download.

Are you stupid or something, not all people that have Gmod can download this from Gmod.org, cause they made you log in with steam, and some people play on their brother’s or cousins or friends account, some forgot their passes, some have cracked games…

so it’s easier to download from ANY OTHER site than Gmod.org