L4D Crew moving on.

Nice weapon models.

Great expressions on the faces! Don’t like how Francis is using a tommy gun though. The gun itself takes the realism out of the shot.

Good screenshot but the tommy gun doesn’t really fit in, and why is Zoey dead?

She’s not.

[sp]It’s that time of the month.[/sp]:aaa:


Don’t worry, she’ll respawn.

Perfect camera angle.
I this all in-game editing?
And is this the original size for the screenshot?

Yeah. (to both of the questions.)

Looks like Louis spotted some pills he can’t reach.

Awesome work again.

Posing is nice but you should have given francis a more up-to-date weapon.

I want that AK that Louis has. And I love the faces.

Why would Bill have a AUG? I am sure he would not use a AK-47 but AUG does not fit hm very well.

I wouldn’t say that Bill using an AK47 I mean even some people liked it than the old crappy colt m16
But the U.S.A Dose have Steyr Augs I mean if i saw it i would’ve pick it up cause it shares both my 5.56 nato rounds and some 9mm para cause it seems common in the U.S really good for supplying…

Back to the Pic
Nice posing and light there though

Nice posing, but I think Francis should be holding like, a newer shotgun or something

Good job on the fingerpose and posing overall

Well actually, the reason Francis has a Tommygun is because at first I was supposed to pose Pimp Francis and Warlord Louis in a gangster-styled pose, but I ended up changing the plans and didn’t feel like reposing Francis.

But, thanks everyone.