L4D dustcloud error

When i make a Func_dustcloud it comes up as black and purple squares just floating around in L4D. I’m not sure if there is any extra thing i have to do. It worked perfectly fine in Ep2

cubemaps perhaps?

Black and Purple squares mean that you are missing the texture, or what ever it is, But if you can see the smoke/dust with purple and black squares mixed in. Than I think that is just buildcubemaps

If you mean func_dustmotes, the texture is missing in L4D as it isn’t used, they use a particle system instead I believe.

I did buildcubemaps, and still the same problem, is there a way to make intense white out like fog only appear in 1 part of the map?

Make multiple env_fog_controllers with different values and name then something like fog_exterior/interior01 and fog_exterior/interior02, make a fog_volume in the part of the map where you want your fog, with the fog volume texture. Tie the desired env_fog_controller to the fog_volume.

Thank you oh so very much it works perfectly

No problem :slight_smile: