L4D Helghast Models to Gmod

I extracted the files from the addon, and the models DO work in Gmod.

I was wanting to see if anyone would re-work the models so they could use Combine Soldier animations instead of L4D2 animations. The models are rigged, but they are not hexed.

I already have a Hexer who can do this, and I will post the hexed versions as soon as I can. For now, here are the models and their files: https://www.dropbox.com/home/Helghast%20Addon

Just install these the same as a skin, they replace all the survivors.

If you do take on the task of re-working these models and hexing them yourself, just know that I won’t post the hexed versions if you make them yourselves.
I wish you luck if you do take this on, and I hope we get to finally see some Killzone NPC models!

(PS, if you do playermodels then feel free, I would only like the ones with Combine animations.

There’s no Dropbox folder man

have model building with texture??

Well, bad news everyone, the Hexer I had has quit and won’t be doing any more hexing any time soon.

Still, if anyone can take a crack at it then feel free. The models are on the L4D2 workshop, and it takes just a basic decompiler to get them.