L4d & l4d2 models?

Where can i get proper models of the l4d series props, surivivors, and infected(special and common)?I searched on garrysmod.org,but i cant find a proper download

Buy left 4 dead in steam, go to the addons menu in Garry’s Mod and under the console controller button with the games list tick the box next to Left 4 Dead.

No idea if that works. I only have Left 4 Dead 2 and Gmod 13 doesn’t seem to support it.

I only have left4dead 2:tinfoil:

L4D1 props work, but the eyes on survivor ragdolls have missing textures and spawning the ragdolls, except for Zoey, makes GMOD crash. At least it does for me, probably don’t for anyone else.