L4D/L4D2 Ragdolls, causing freezing/crashing in Garrysmod

Whenever attempting to spawn L4D(or L4D2) Ragdolls in Garrysmod, my game freeze for 2 solid minutes before finally spawning the model. If I attempt to open the console after spawning the model I freezes and I’m forced to crash the program.

This has happened since I first attempted to spawn a L4D model in Garrysmod ages ago when I first purchased it. I have attempted validating files multiple times, and I always make sure to run the game at least once before attempting the spawning of the troubled models. I am able to spawn a few items without great lag(though some is still evident). As an example I know that I can spawn one of the billboards without much issue, but all of the ragdolls, corpses, plane destruction bits, freeze my game for up to 2 minutes before spawning.

I attempted to search for this problem on Facepunch before posting this but I’m not allowed to. I did however search Facepunch using the " site:facepunch.com" extension on Google and didn’t get any cases that were similar to my own. Do you guys have any suggestions? Is there perhaps a command I can do in the console to record what is happening in the console?

Note: I’ve never asked about the question directly before, because I’ve never had any real interest in spawning the L4D models, but I’d like to fix it so that I have the option.

Almost all of the models in L4D/L4D2 when spawned will freeze my game for up to 2 minutes before they spawn. If I attempt to open the console after having spawned the model, it’ll never open and the game will freeze until I forcibly crash it.

Are there no suggestions?