L4D/L4D2 Ragdolls/L4DModels Help

Whenever i spawn the l4d/l4d2 ragdolls or models the ragdolls eyes are purple and black and every time i press Esc the game crashes. The games is have are L4D, L4D2, CSS, TF2, Portal, HL2: LC and DM. Is there a game i need to get so i can get the Models to work without crashing or purple and black eyes? Thank you so much!

What are you using to get the L4D models into GMod? gm_mount2?

You know, im not using gm_mount 2. Ill give it a try to see if it works. Thanks for your advice!

Edit: Yes i am. The ragdolls eyes are still purple and black. And everytime i press esc it crashes.