L4D - "Map is unplayable" message keeps coming up even after analyzing the nav.

My survival map is done and ready to be released, but there is still one problem. “The map is unplayable” message keeps popping up even though I did a full analyze of the nav. It’s still playable and I don’t see any problem, But It’s annoying to have to keep clicking ok on the message. How do I fix this?

Check for breaks in the NAV mesh. Are there any parts where you have to drop through a hole? If there are, select a mesh square on the bottom with nav_mark, then select one at the top with nav_splice. It should create a ramp-like (or 90 degrees up) nav square.

Make sure that the flow is actually correct and that all the areas that should be connected are connected. I don’t know about survival though but there has to be something for the director to be able to calculate a flow.

In a caimpaign it’s:

Player Start->Checkpoint

Ok, I think Ive found the problem. The map is saying it’s a campaign map, but when I go in-game It’s a survival map. I think I screwed up the missions file.

Here’s part of the file.

                "Map" "l4d_sv_dead_on_arrival"
                "DisplayName" "D.o.A"
                "Image" "maps/l4d_sv_dead_on_arrival"

That extra bracket on the bottom does belong to something at the top.

Bump. Please look at the mission file above. Maybe that’s the problem.

scroll all the way down, till you see
"Finding problems in your Nav Mesh "

Tried that, ended up fucking up my mesh. Maybe I was doing it wrong. God this is annoying. :bang:

Hmmm I have no idea what could be wrong, I need to see the nav mesh for myself to be able to fix it.

Try write “z_debug 1” in your console and it will show all properties and connections for the highlighted nav area.

There is also a console command for nav error reporting. I think it was nav_trouble_report orphan or something. Can’t remember it from head. It will highlight all troubled areas.

Ok, I finished doing that and here is what I got. It turns out some parts of the map weren’t marked with “Battlefield” I fixed those, but there is one little block with no connections. Could that block be the problem?

Yes it’s possible, you should connect that area. All battlefield areas have to be connected or the director will believe that the crescendo event is over if the zombies or you walk in that area.

For some reason that block won’t connect with the rest of the mesh. Also, The map keeps saying it’s a campaign map when It’s not. So it keeps looking for the rescue closet. I checked the mission file and it’s perfect. So I have no clue now.

I don’t think it matter really. What happens if you remove that troubled nav area? Also, don’t forget to do a full nav_analyze when you’re done changing something. And do a nav_save before that.

I think the reason why it keeps saying “map is unplayable” is because there is no rescue closet. I can’t find the right output for the info_gamemode to tell it It’s a survival game type. If I do that It’ll stop demanding a rescue closet. I hope. :ohdear:

Yep I knew it. Turns out I had to add a rescue closet in order for the message to go away. :bang:

Hah, that’s great. It doesn’t really matter anyway as a player can’t respawn during a crescendo right?