L4D: "Map Not Playable", wondering zombies not spawning, bots get stuck

I’m working on a L4D map, and I’ve gotten everything done that I should have, I have an info_director and a fog_controller, I built the navigation meshes for the latest version of the map, but wondering zombies won’t spawn. I get Special Infected and the occasional mob, but no wandering zombies. Can anybody tell me why?

I also get the common, “MAP NOT PLAYABLE!” error message when I start, and the survivors aren’t spawning in their correct positions (they’re all starting the same spot I start at). I have a working saferoom with a level transition at the end of the map, and I have the spawn as a saferoom. They are each designated (the end is named CHECKPOINT, the beginning is named PLAYER_START)… I can’t seem to get rid of the error message, no matter what I do.

And, last, but not least, the bots seem to get stuck and refuse to move at a certain point in the map. There is nothing to block them, it’s this one part of the hallway that they won’t move after they reach it. Can somebody please help me? Why won’t my map work correctly?

Done everything this?

Have you done a nav_analyze?

Yes, I did everything there, and yes, I did do nav_analyze.

Then you have something that blocks the nav, I had it before, check if all nav areas are connected from start to finish.

The spot where they got stuck was always connected, I rebuilt the entire thing, they now don’t get stuck there, but zombies still aren’t spawning and I’m still getting that damned message.


Er, I fixed it. Zombies now spawn and there is no error. BUT, zombies do not spawn after a part where you have to drop through a hole… The NAV meshes down there aren’t any different, and special infected spawn.