L4D Maps

I have ported every single model from l4d1 and a few maps, Download as you please!
You need the included models to run the maps. (I took the liberty of porting them for you)





(This is the only preview for now)
More pictures coming soon!
Link: http://adf.ly/4Lft0
Thank you for anyone who visits! It will help me to make more projects in the future.

One issue I can not seem to fix is the mat_specular . To fix it just type mat_specular 0 in the console.

|:| Why the fuck do we need L4D Models for? I mean srsly?

The map won’t run without them… Read the post…

Maps and models i believe have already been ported.

But you don’t need to port the models anymore right?

You shouldn’t need the models/materials as long as you have a legitimate copy of L4D/2, and assuming Gmod is working right. (you do however if you are the person porting the map)

|:| You do realise that the models were ported about 2 fuckin’ years ago!

Let’s tone it down a little.

I love how all the aircraft in l4d1 were broken in exactly the same way

Split in two by Zombies eating on them

I just ported the models so You wouldn’t need gm_mount.

Does anyone even use gm_mount, anymore?

I mean, L4D has already became mountable to GMod by default. You don’t need gm_mount.

But the ported models has no use except for being Warez to people not owning the game

Yes. Everyone here is making a point of their own… which is exactly ONE point that we all know. L4D Models were posted around garrysmod.org and other sites for a long time so we don’t need the bloody Gm_mount or any other mounting program because Garry allready made L4D and L4D models mountable and certainly don’t need MORE useless links to the same batch of models… now if the models have fixed collision or were hacked apart for various of reasons and feel free to add crap load of link to them. The maps are good, I have nothing else to say about them. But if you ARE going to mention something about models. Pack them inside your .bsp! Good luck and have a safe and productive day!