L4D Minas Tirith Survival

A friend suggested i make Minas Tirith from Lord of the Rings. A couple of days later and i came up with this.

I’m not really concerned with making a 100% accurate replica, My main goal was to make something that would be fun to play with friends.

Don’t complain about the lightmap scale. Everything is set to 64 because i dont care much for detailed shadows, plus the map wouldn’t compile. There’s is no lighting apart from the skybox and 3 light entities at the moment. I’ll add more on the next compile.
I know the textures are horrible. i’m using standard textures everywhere except the skybox.

Untextured buildings will have very basic textures in the end. windows, doors, details - Almost no brush work on them because i dont think those details are important at the moment.
There are no models on this map apart from the tree at the top. Hopefully i’ll be able to find some dome’s and other random details for the towers and buildings.

Helpful comments and criticism please.

It looks incredibly bland.

Needs moar detail

First, I LOVE the song at the beginning!Whats the name? and second the spiraling staircases are WAY to long I think you were going up one for like 30 seconds to a minute and that’s very annoying

Large spaces and bad lighting is NOT good for an L4D map even if it’s a survival map, try make it smaller, atleast make it feel smaller with tight spaces, add more detail it’s very repetitive.

Also, mind adding fog some atmospheric fog and particle rain it really gives your map some depth and atmosphere.

Of course it’s bland, it’s not finished yet.

The song at the beginning is called “Mandala In The Clouds” from the Battlestar Galactica soundtrack (season 3) - I’m deleting all but one of the spiral staircases. The actual city has more steps and some ramps. I just needed a quick way of getting from A to B for testing.

Thanks, The map already has fog and rain - just not in this video.
Once i’ve finished creating the textures i’ll be cramming the streets full of buildings so there will be more tight spaces. My main concern right now are the textures for the walls and cliff since they are the textures that will repeat the most. I can break up the wall textures using decals and other techniques.

At the moment 97% of the map is lit by the skybox - I dont want to put any lighting into it until the majority of the buildings are down.

Heh, personally I’m making my very own campaign. It’s not easy to make it exactly right, but with time you can add some extremely sexy details that will look yummy in-game.

I think that Particle Rain will suit it well!

Yeah, i know what you mean. This is just a side project for me. I’ve spent more hours than i’d care to admit mapping my local town into a campaign. So don’t fret people, Sexy details will follow!
One thing i learnt from working on a campaign is to get the basic shape/layout done first because making alterations later on can be painful.

Yeah, but making details later can also be painful. You have to balance it I guess.

it needs to be way more linear if you plan on releasing it.

you’d only know which way to go if you made it or had a map or something.

and the spiral staircases are not a good idea, fighting and moving through those would get annoying quickly.

Again, i’m not keeping those spiral staircases. each level of the castle will have 2 ways up so finding your way around shouldn’t be a problem.

I suggest that you change if from being a survival map to being a single-stage campaign.

Yeah, i was thinking about that because if somebody dies i can use rescue closets. Since it takes 15-20 minutes to get to the top anybody that dies will probably just quit.

I only like using survival because it’s much more intense with a constant flow of zombies. I’m trying to find a way to make it spawn zombies manually but only spawn them on the floor that you’re on.

I’m not sure what to do with the end.
When you get to the top a trigger will switch it to survival mode?
some kind of rescue vehicle? “oh look! a helicopter” - Other people have suggested a nazgul or eagle but i can’t see that happening anytime soon.
I’d like to have the rolling credits at the end but that means havng a rescue vehicle or safe room. I’d prefer a fight to the death at the top and still have the rolling credits but i don’t know if that’s possible.

Any suggestions?